The Background:

DeNyse Companies was founded as a small family business in 1983, and has maintained that family culture as it has grown to over 100 employees. Along with that success, the responsibility to give back to the community has grown, as well. DeNyse employees have a fierce passion for philanthropy and a desire to help those in need, both their peers within the company, and within the community.

The DeNyse Cares Foundation was founded in 2013, by Allen and Jennifer DeNyse, with the intent of joining forces between the DeNyse family and the DeNyse employees to better organize their efforts and create a greater impact. The Foundation will be managed 100% by the employees.

Although the Foundation will be wholly funded by DeNyse Companies, and employee driven fundraisers, the “seed” money was donated by the employees, themselves, as a Christmas gift to Allen and Jennifer. It was presented at their annual holiday party in December, 2012.





The Executive Board for the Foundation will consist of DeNyse Companies employees dedicated to the intent and mission of the Foundation. The Board members will serve one year terms and will meet monthly to consider any applications for help, organize fundraisers, and participate as needed. Donations of time and/or money are welcomed and appreciated from all sources.

Employee contributions to United Way will continue, with an emphasis on Meals on Wheels in memory of Allen DeNyse’s mother, Mary Longmire.